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Sunmisola Agbebi – “Oba Ni” He is King [LYRICS MEANING]

The song “Oba Ni” is a worship song by Sunmisola Agbebi that exalts and praises the sovereignty of God. In simple terms, the song title Oba Ni means “He is King”.

It is a worship song that magnifies God’s sovereignty, holiness, and mightiness. The lyrics are filled with expressions of adoration, reverence, and a firm declaration of God’s kingship and authority. The repetition of phrases enhances the worshipful atmosphere and emphasizes the central theme of God’s supreme rule.

Let’s break down the lyrics:

Verse 1: The lyrics begin by acknowledging the praise of God from all creation. The act of lifting voices and shouting is a symbolic way of expressing worship and reverence. The repetition of “Holy Holy are You, Lord” emphasizes the sacred and divine nature of God. The phrase “OBA Ni Se Oh” translates to “He is King,” affirming the kingship of God.

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Chorus: The chorus continues the theme of worship and acknowledges God as the King. The repetition of “Hail Hail the King of Peace, Hail Hail the Lord of Hosts, Hail Hail the Mighty God” underscores the reverence and honor given to God. Again, the affirmation of God as the King is emphasized.

Verse 2: The second verse reflects on the question of why the heathen rage and plot in vain. This could be a reference to the challenges and opposition faced by believers. The lyrics affirm that despite the opposition, God is still the King, and the year 2023 is declared to belong to “ABBA,” a term often used to refer to God the Father.

Bridge: The bridge is a repeated expression of holiness and mightiness. The repetition of “Holy Holy” and “Mighty Mighty” adds to the atmosphere of reverence and awe.

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Chorus (repeated): The final chorus reaffirms the praise and acknowledgment of God as the King of Peace, Lord of Hosts, and the Mighty God. The repeated declaration of “OBA Ni Se Oh” reinforces the central theme of the song.

Outro: The outro echoes the earlier verses, expressing that all creation continues to sing praises to God, lifting voices in worship, and acknowledging the holiness of the Lord.


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