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Home » Jazmin Bean – “You Know What You’ve Done” Song & Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

Jazmin Bean – “You Know What You’ve Done” Song & Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

“You Know What You’ve Done” by Jazmin Bean is a song that revolves around themes of betrayal, revenge, and the emotional aftermath of a toxic relationship.

The song is a powerful and emotionally charged song that explores the aftermath of betrayal, seeking closure, and the empowerment that comes with overcoming a toxic relationship. It reflects the singer’s journey from vulnerability to strength and the anticipation of natural consequences for the wrongs committed.

Let’s delve into the meaning of the lyrics:

1. Intense Emotions: The opening lines set the tone for the intense emotions involved in the song. The description of love as “crude and vicious” suggests a tumultuous and possibly damaging relationship.

2. Vulnerability and Revenge: The mention of the Jazmin Bean’s naked body being vulnerable in ‘You Know What You Have Done‘ song implies a level of trust and intimacy that has been violated. The phrase “It’s all coming back around and it feels delicious” suggests a sense of satisfaction or anticipation as the singer contemplates revenge.

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3. Payback and Memories: The recurring theme of payback in Jazmin Bean’s song indicates a desire for retribution for the perceived wrongs committed. The idea that “payback takes its course without lifting a finger” implies that the consequences for the other person’s actions will unfold naturally, perhaps through the singer’s own emotional healing and growth.

4. Hope and Pain: The lines in ‘You know what you’ve done’ by Jazmin Bean expressing hope that the other person sees the singer’s face and feels more pain when they’re gone reflect a desire for the person to understand the impact of their actions. This suggests that the singer wants the other person to experience the consequences of their betrayal.

5. Guilt and Conscience: The chorus explicitly states, “You know what you’ve done, your guilty conscience eats you up.” This points to a recognition of the wrongdoing by the other person and the emotional burden they carry as a result.

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6. Reflecting on Betrayal: The following lines, questioning how the other person could do this, express the singer’s pain and confusion. The mention of the love, smile, and emotions being mistreated reflects the depth of the betrayal experienced.

7. Closure and Moving On: The repeated theme of payback and the assertion that “my memories will follow” suggest a commitment to closure and moving forward. The memories may serve as a reminder of the past but are framed in the context of the singer’s personal growth and strength.


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