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Zinoleesky – “Sunny Ade” Song & Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

“Sunny Ade” by Zinoleesky is a song that speaks to the artist’s resilience and determination to succeed in the face of challenges and criticism.

It is a song that expresses Zinoleesky’s resilience in the face of challenges, false accusations, and attempts to tarnish his name. The artist draws inspiration from the legendary Sunny Ade and emphasizes the importance of faith and determination in overcoming obstacles on his path to success.

Let’s break down the meaning of  ‘Sunny Ade’ lyrics by Zinoleesky below:

Intro: The intro sets the tone with an unapologetic attitude, expressing that the artist is not sorry for who they are and what they’ve accomplished. The mention of rainy days coming and people trying to be funny suggests that challenges and detractors are present, but the artist remains undeterred.

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Verse 1: In the first verse, Zinoleesky talks about facing attempts to bring him down but asserts that with God on his side, he will not fall. The reference to Sunny Ade, a legendary Nigerian musician, implies that he aspires to greatness and acknowledges the importance of honoring his roots. The artist mentions playing his own game and dealing with people trying to spoil his name. The lines “Won ro pe ma fo o, Won ro pe ma jabo, Ani won ro pe ma sonu” suggest that people wish for his downfall, but he remains confident in his faith and resilience.

Chorus: The chorus repeats the theme of facing criticism and false accusations. Zinoleesky declares that everything said about him is a lie, emphasizing the support of God and comparing himself to Sunny Ade in terms of success and greatness.

Post-Chorus: The post-chorus reiterates that people desire his downfall, but he remains steadfast, trusting in a higher power.

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Verse 2: In the second verse, the artist continues to address those trying to bring him down. The mention of “fire for fire” and not getting tired despite people’s efforts implies a determination to fight back and persevere. The reference to “Daddy Zendaya” suggests resilience and not giving in to the pressures or distractions.

Outro: The outro repeats the idea of being like Sunny Ade and giving honor to his roots and heritage.


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