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Home » Zara Larsson – “You Love Who You Love” Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

Zara Larsson – “You Love Who You Love” Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

“You Know Who You Love” by Zara Larsson is a song that addresses the complexities of being in a toxic and challenging relationship.

The song “You Know Who You Love” by Zara Larsson is a heartfelt plea from a friend to someone caught in a toxic relationship. It highlights the challenges, offers advice to let go, and expresses frustration at the person’s reluctance to break free from a harmful connection.

Here’s a breakdown of the meaning of the lyrics:

Verse 1: The lyrics start by describing a situation where someone is deeply in love, but the relationship is problematic. The person may present themselves as perfect to the family, but behind closed doors, their true character is revealed.

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Pre-Chorus: The pre-chorus urges the listener to use common sense and recognize the negative aspects of the relationship. The partner drags the person down rather than offering compliments, and it’s emphasized that he is not a perfect or “Heaven-sent” partner. The plea is to look at the evidence and acknowledge the truth.

Chorus: The chorus is a direct appeal to the person in the troubled relationship. Zara Larsson, as a friend, advises giving up on the toxic partner because of the emotional pain and distress he causes. Despite the advice, the person insists on staying with the one they love, regardless of the hardships.

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Verse 2: The second verse describes the cyclical nature of the relationship, suggesting that the partner intentionally keeps the person close. The toxic love is portrayed as making the person feel like they are going insane. Despite promises of change, the partner remains the same.

Pre-Chorus: The pre-chorus in ‘You Love Who You Love‘ repeats, emphasizing the need for common sense and pointing out the partner’s negative influence.

Chorus: The chorus repeats the theme of advising the person to give up on the toxic relationship. Zara Larsson expresses frustration that the person doesn’t want to listen and continues to choose the person they love despite the difficulties.

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Bridge: The bridge acknowledges the hope that one day the person will understand that the current partner is not the right fit for them if they are seeking true love. Zara Larsson acknowledges sounding like a broken record, emphasizing the importance of the person figuring things out for themselves.

Chorus: The final chorus reiterates the plea to give up on the toxic partner, emphasizing that enough is enough. The person is urged to listen and recognize that they deserve better, despite their strong feelings for the person they love.


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