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Chike – “Egwu” Ft Mohbad Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

“Egwu” by Chike featuring Mohbad is a song that combines elements of highlife, afrobeat, and street vibes.

It is a song that blends various cultural references, celebrates life, and showcases the artists’ unique styles. It’s a vibrant and rhythmic track that bridges traditional and contemporary elements, making it appealing to a diverse audience.

Let’s break down the song lyrics ‘Egwu’ by Chike & Mohbad to understand the meaning:

Intro: The intro mentions “Imolenization” and “Street orientation,” suggesting a fusion of different influences, including street culture. The phrase “Chike fun won ni pressure” may imply that Chike is bringing a certain level of pressure or intensity to the scene.

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Chorus: The chorus repeatedly uses the words “Aiye iye” to create a rhythmic and catchy element. “Aiye” in Yoruba means life, and the repetition might signify celebrating life or the experiences of life. The “Uhh uhh” adds a playful and expressive layer to the chorus.

Verse 1: Mohbad: Mohbad’s verse introduces elements of street life and references to popular culture. The lines “All my niggas sha pro pro, All my niggas sha pra pra” suggest a group of people who are skilled or experienced in a certain way. References to Lagbaja (a Nigerian musician known for his masked appearance) and fila (traditional Yoruba cap) add cultural references. The mention of TikTok, a popular social media platform, indicates a connection to contemporary trends. The verse overall reflects the street-oriented and contemporary nature of the song.

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Chorus: The chorus is repeated, emphasizing the celebration of life and the rhythmic flow of the song. The mention of “Music no need permission to enter your spirit” suggests the power of music to connect with people on a spiritual level without any restrictions.

Verse 2: Chike: Chike’s verse introduces more cultural references, mentioning Awilo Longomba, a renowned Congolese musician known for his lively and danceable music. “Egwu Chiké atọ ka kwa” translates to “Chike’s music is sweet” in Igbo, emphasizing the enjoyable and entertaining nature of the music. The collaboration with Mohbad is acknowledged with “Mohbad mi dikwa bad,” suggesting Mohbad is good or talented.

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The lines “I am living like no other, Egwu anyị ana kwa ajụ kwa ajụ” express a sense of uniqueness and celebration of their own style. The phrase “Feeling good paran ran” indicates a positive and uplifting vibe.

Chorus: The chorus is repeated once again, reinforcing the celebratory and rhythmic aspects of the song.


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