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Meaning of “Only Me” Song by Asake [EXPLAINED]

“Only Me” by Asake is a song that exudes confidence and self-assurance. The lyrics depict a person who is self-reliant, successful, and unapologetically proud of their achievements.

The introductory lines set the tone for the song, mentioning Asake and emphasizing the theme of financial success.

The pre-chorus underscores the singer’s self-confidence and independence. Phrases like “Automatic kosi traffic, you know I dey my lane” convey a sense of being in control and not being swayed by external influences. The repeated affirmation of being classy reinforces the idea of maintaining a sophisticated and refined demeanor.

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Chorus: The chorus highlights the singer’s ability to handle all responsibilities and bills independently. Phrases like “I don pay my dues only me” suggest that the person has worked hard to achieve their success. The mention of facing love as a potential threat to their independence adds an interesting layer to the narrative.

Verse: The verse continues to emphasize the singer’s self-sufficiency. Lines like “I’m losing sleep over nobody” suggest a lack of concern for external opinions or influences. The mention of not taking baggage and being well-packaged conveys a sense of personal completeness.

Post-Chorus: The post-chorus reinforces the theme of financial success, with the repetition of “We get money money, we get money.” This serves as a celebratory expression of wealth and prosperity.

Bridge: The bridge section repeats the theme of financial success, emphasizing the idea that “We get money money, we get money.” The use of Yoruba language with “Pate wo fomo ologo jowo” adds a cultural touch, which is a common feature in many Afrobeat songs.

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Outro: The outro restates the themes of self-assurance and classiness, closing the song with a reaffirmation of the singer’s independence and sophistication.

Overall, “Only Me” by Asake is a celebration of individual success, financial independence, and a rejection of external pressures. The upbeat and rhythmic nature of the song complements its empowering message.


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