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Sinach – “Remember” Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

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“Remember” by Sinach is a worship song that expresses gratitude, faith, and confidence in God’s faithfulness. The lyrics reflect on God’s past deeds, acknowledging His role as a constant companion through various seasons of life.

It is a song of worship, gratitude, and faith that encourages believers to reflect on God’s past faithfulness, express thankfulness in the present, and declare confidence in God’s promises for the future. It’s a powerful affirmation of trust in God’s enduring love and provision.

Here’s a breakdown of the meaning:

1. Acknowledging God’s Presence: The song begins by recognizing God as the one who goes before the singer in all seasons. This implies a belief in God’s guidance and protection throughout different phases of life.

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2. Gratitude for Past Victories: The lyrics express gratitude for past victories, stating that the singer won because God brought them through challenges. This sets the tone for a thankful heart and an acknowledgment of God’s role in overcoming obstacles.

3. Continuous Praise and Thankfulness: Even in the present moment, the singer raises their voice to thank Jesus and praises God for His faithfulness. This reflects an ongoing attitude of gratitude and worship.

4. Remembering God’s Past Deeds: The central theme of the song is the remembrance of what God has done in the past. The singer recalls God’s faithfulness, stating, “I Remember what You did before, You will do it again.” This repetition emphasizes the confidence in God’s ability to act consistently and fulfill His promises.

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5. Declarations of Faith: The lyrics declare that the singer’s “latter shall be greater” and will move “from glory to glory.” These statements express faith in God’s continuous blessings and a belief that the future holds even greater things.

6. Amen Declarations: The song includes declarations of agreement and affirmation, saying “I say Amen” after acknowledging God’s finished work and faithfulness. This echoes the act of affirming one’s faith and agreement with God’s promises.

7. Prayerful Declarations for the Future: The song concludes with prayerful declarations over various aspects of life, including family, business, finances, and the upcoming new year. Each declaration is sealed with an “Amen,” expressing confidence in God’s provision and blessings.


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