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Home » Lyrics of “This Aint’t Funny” by Kweku Darlington

Lyrics of “This Aint’t Funny” by Kweku Darlington

This Aint’t Funny Lyrics by Kweku Darlington

Kweku Darlington drops hints of a shift in tone with his new single, “This Ain’t Funny.” Though full lyrics are unavailable yet, snippets reveal a stark contrast to his usual upbeat style.

Lines like “world that new African and that after all the black man is” hint at a deeper message, possibly addressing social issues or struggles faced by many in Africa. Darlington’s signature lyrical prowess is still present, but with a newfound seriousness.

“This ain’t funny” is a repeated phrase, likely serving as the song’s central theme and a powerful statement. Fans can expect Darlington’s signature smooth flow, but with a heavier weight, as he delves into a more profound and potentially hard-hitting topic.

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The limited glimpse offered by the lyrics sparks curiosity and anticipation for the full release. “This Ain’t Funny” promises to showcase a different side of Kweku Darlington, one that tackles real issues with his signature lyrical skill and a newfound depth.

Listen and download latest songs of Kweku with lyrics on The official lyrics for this song are not yet available. Please stay tuned for updates.

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