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Guchi – “Leave Me Now” Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

“Leave Me Now” by Guchi is a song that expresses the pain and heartbreak of being left by a loved one.

It is a poignant expression of heartbreak, betrayal, and the emotional struggles that accompany the unexpected departure of a loved one.

Let’s break down the lyrics to understand the meaning:

As you leave me, so na how I want to breathe: The singer describes the difficulty of coping with the departure of their loved one. The departure feels suffocating, making it hard to breathe.

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I don dey call your phone, but you no want to pick: Despite attempting to reach out to the person who left, they are unresponsive, adding to the sense of abandonment.

All the promises wey you tell me say you go keep: The singer recalls the promises made by their partner, emphasizing the disappointment and betrayal felt when those promises are broken.

So I’ve been taking many alcohol recently, but e no dey work at all: In an attempt to cope with the pain, the singer confesses to turning to alcohol, but it doesn’t provide the relief or comfort they seek.

Shebi you promise me we go be, say you no go ever leave me: The lyrics reflect on the broken promise of staying together. The singer questions why their partner is leaving, especially after assuring them that they would never be abandoned.

My heart is getting heavy: The emotional weight of the situation is taking a toll on the singer, causing emotional distress and heaviness of heart.

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When I need you the most, turn it over: The singer expresses the deep need for their partner’s presence during a difficult time, yet the partner has turned away.

I don’t like this distance, why we acting like strangers: The physical and emotional distance created by the departure is causing discomfort. The singer wonders why their relationship has become strained, as if they are strangers.

Soso come and take me away: The plea for the partner to return and alleviate the pain is evident in this line.

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How can I take all this pain, I thought you said that you loved me: The singer is grappling with the intense emotional pain caused by the unexpected departure. The lyrics express confusion and hurt, questioning the sincerity of the love professed.

I thought that you can’t do without me, so why you leave me: The singer reflects on the belief that their presence was indispensable to the partner, making the abandonment even more bewildering and hurtful.


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