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Home » See You Next Year – “Big Bank” Song & Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

See You Next Year – “Big Bank” Song & Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

“Big Bank” by See You Next Year explores themes of drug use, violence, wealth, and relationships.

Overall, “Big Bank” paints a vivid picture of a lifestyle that involves drugs, violence, wealth, and complex relationships. The lyrics combine gritty realism with elements of humor, creating a narrative that reflects the challenges and triumphs of a particular lifestyle.

Here’s a breakdown of the meaning of the song ‘Big Bank’ by See You Next Year to understand it’s lyrics:

Verse 1 (Louie Pastel): The opening verse mentions the effects of drugs, taking the speaker to outer space, possibly implying a psychedelic experience. There’s a reference to carrying two Glocks for protection, and the speaker claims not to aim at vests, suggesting a lethal intent. The lyrics touch on paying for sexual encounters and the aftermath of such encounters. The mention of purple and blue hair and a liking for “100 Gecs” adds a colorful and contemporary cultural touch. The verse concludes with the speaker waking up on a jet, suggesting a luxurious lifestyle after overcoming debt.

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Chorus (Kenny Mason): The chorus revolves around the phrase “Big bank, take lil bank,” emphasizing the idea of the wealthy or powerful dominating and taking from those who are less fortunate. It’s a recurring theme in the song, reflecting a competitive and cutthroat attitude.

Post Chorus (Felix): The post-chorus mentions running up a lot, symbolizing financial success and material gains. There’s a sense of confidence and assertiveness in the lines about seeing opportunities, making purchases, and expressing interest in someone.

Verse 2 (Kenny Mason): This verse delves into the speaker’s emo and rebellious persona. There’s a blend of dark humor and seriousness as the speaker describes their gun as “emo” and the color black. The mention of Elmo, Jell-O, and the contrast between sweet and dark elements adds complexity to the lyrics. The speaker also addresses rivals and the violence associated with street life.

Chorus and Post Chorus (Repeated): The chorus and post-chorus are repeated, reinforcing the themes of financial success, dominance, and confidence in seizing opportunities.

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Verse 3 (Felix): This verse emphasizes a strategic and discreet approach to life, mentioning moving in silence and using perfect timing. The speaker refers to romantic relationships, with the mention of a spell and intertwining. The lyrics touch on a breakup, with the mention of cutting someone off after noticing their struggles.

Closing Lines: The closing lines express a reluctance to say or do too much, highlighting a cautious and reserved approach in dealing with others, possibly due to a perception that people play games or are deceitful.


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