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Neoni – “Body Bag” Song & Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

“Body Bag” lyrics by Neoni is a powerful song that revolves around themes of resilience, overcoming adversity, and the strength to bounce back from attempts to bring someone down.

The song is a defiant anthem of resilience, empowerment, and overcoming attempts to bring someone down. It portrays a strong sense of self and a refusal to be defined by the actions of others.

Let’s break down the meaning of ‘Body Bag’ by Neoni:

Verse 1: The opening sets the scene with police tape and a crime scene, metaphorically representing the aftermath of emotional harm. The mention of “attempted murder of my mind” suggests that someone has tried to damage the singer’s mental well-being. The reference to “breaking character” and going “Jason, two-faced” hints at deceit and betrayal by someone the singer trusted.

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Pre-Chorus: The pre-chorus emphasizes the singer’s resilience, urging the antagonist to “get in line” and noting that they were not the first to try. The phrase “Better luck next time” conveys a dismissive attitude, indicating that the singer won’t easily succumb to attempts to bring them down.

Chorus: The chorus boldly declares the singer’s triumph over the attempt to harm them, using the metaphor of a “body bag.” The repeated refrain “You can keep your body bag” reinforces the idea that the singer won’t be defeated or defined by the negativity directed towards them.

Verse 2: The second verse mocks the antagonist, asking if they missed the singer and sarcastically referencing signing a metaphorical “death certificate.” The mention of the reaper snitching suggests that the truth has come to light, and the antagonist is now exposed for their actions.

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Post-Chorus: The post-chorus repeats the term “body bag,” adding emphasis and intensity to the assertion that the singer has overcome the attempted harm.

Bridge: The bridge intensifies the narrative, describing the antagonist’s actions as a “murder in the first degree.” The lyrics express a sense of betrayal, acknowledging that the attempt to harm didn’t succeed and now the antagonist is dead to the singer emotionally.

Final Chorus and Post-Chorus: The final chorus reiterates the singer’s triumph over adversity, emphasizing that they are “always coming back.” The post-chorus reinforces the idea of discarding the negativity represented by the “body bag.”


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