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Moses Bliss – “For Life” Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

“For Life” by Moses Bliss is a heartfelt and romantic song expressing deep appreciation and love.

It is a love song that celebrates a deep and enduring connection, expressing gratitude, commitment, and a sense of completeness in the presence of the loved one. It combines romantic sentiments with spiritual elements, making it a heartfelt and soulful expression of love.

Let’s break down the lyrics to understand the meaning:

From my heart to your ears: The song begins with a sincere declaration that the singer is expressing genuine emotions and sentiments.

I’ll sing these melodies for you: The singer promises to use music, specifically melodies, as a medium to convey their feelings. Melodies, in this context, are symbolic of the emotions and expressions that words alone might not capture fully.

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Cos you touched in so many ways, like I’ve never felt before: The lyrics highlight the impact the person has had on the singer. Their touch is described as profound, suggesting a unique and unparalleled connection that goes beyond ordinary experiences.

I thank the Lord for bringing you my way: The singer expresses gratitude to a higher power for the fortuitous meeting with the person they are singing about. It implies a belief that this connection is a blessing from above.

And I’m never letting go, This loving is for life: Here, the singer declares a commitment to hold onto the relationship, emphasizing that the love they share is enduring and lifelong.

If challenges come, I’ll stay with you, It’s me and you till Jesus comes: The lyrics convey a promise to stand by the person through thick and thin. The reference to “till Jesus comes” suggests a commitment that transcends earthly challenges, indicating a lasting and eternal bond.

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No going back, no backing down, We will serve the Lord, make the Kingdom proud: This part of the song affirms a steadfast commitment to the relationship and a shared dedication to serving a higher purpose. The focus on making the Kingdom proud suggests a spiritual aspect to their connection.

What more can I ask for? You are all I prayed for: The singer expresses contentment and fulfillment, recognizing that the person they love is everything they’ve prayed for.

Woman of the world, you’re my dream come true, I love you, I love you, I love, I love you!: The lyrics conclude with a powerful declaration of love, expressing that the person is a dream come true, and the singer passionately declares their love.


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