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DJ Neptune & Joeboy – “Mumu” Song & Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

“Mumu” by DJ Neptune and Joeboy is a love-themed song that celebrates the emotions and excitement that come with being in a romantic relationship.

The song is a joyful celebration of love and romance. The term “mumu” is used playfully to convey that the love expressed in the song is not foolishness but a sincere and genuine emotion. The lyrics are filled with compliments, expressions of desire, and a commitment to making the partner happy. The upbeat and catchy nature of the song adds to its charm.

Let’s break down the lyrics of ‘Mumu’ by Joeboy & DJ Neptune to understand the meaning:

Verse 1: The lyrics begin with a call for romance, with the artist expressing a willingness to fulfill the partner’s desires and cover all expenses. The mention of “shine my thirty-two” refers to showing off and looking good when the partner is around.

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Chorus: The chorus emphasizes the artist’s commitment to love and acknowledges that it’s not foolishness (“mumu”) but a genuine expression of affection. The artist is ready to answer the partner’s call anytime and appreciates the attractiveness and power of the partner’s body.

Verse 2: In the second verse, the artist continues to express love and admiration for the partner. The lines “You, fine from your head to your shoe, Wetin you want, I go do” convey the artist’s willingness to go to great lengths to satisfy the partner’s needs and desires.

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Bridge: The bridge reinforces the theme of love and attraction. The artist acknowledges the partner’s beauty and playfully suggests that they are willing to do anything to please the partner.

Chorus: The chorus repeats, reinforcing the central theme of genuine love and dismissing any notion that it’s foolish (“mumu”). The artist appreciates the partner’s presence and expresses how the partner has captivated their mind.

Outro: The outro includes shoutouts to DJ Neptune and Joeboy, emphasizing their involvement in the creation of the song.


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