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Boy Spyce – “Pepe” Song & Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

“Pepe” by Boy Spyce is a song that revolves around themes of love, attraction, and admiration for a significant other.

It is a love song that celebrates the physical and emotional attraction between the singer and their significant other. The lyrics convey a sense of infatuation, admiration, and a desire to build a meaningful relationship. The use of colorful language and metaphors adds a playful and vibrant touch to the expression of love.

Let’s break down the lyrics meaning of “Pepe” by Boy Spyce:

Verse 1: The opening lines express a sense of distraction and being lost, possibly due to the overwhelming feelings of love. The mention of other girls being jealous indicates that the singer’s relationship is causing envy among others. The analogy of being sweeter than Kellogg’s suggests that the love interest is exceptionally sweet and desirable.

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Chorus: The chorus introduces the term “yellow pepe-pepe,” which can be interpreted as a term of endearment for the love interest. The repetition of “pepe-pepe” and “che-che, che” highlights the singer’s admiration for the physical attributes of the love interest. The mention of losing senses and feeling mesmerized indicates the powerful impact the person has on the singer.

Verse 2: The second verse continues to describe the irresistible qualities of the love interest. The singer expresses a desire to give the love interest a child (“give you belle”) and invites them to ride their “keke,” possibly symbolizing a journey together. The use of the term “mezebu” suggests that the attraction is strong and all-encompassing.

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Bridge: The bridge reinforces the idea of the love interest causing a commotion or “wàhálà” with their attractive body. The mention of buying luxury items like Dolce and Gabbana signifies a desire to provide and indulge the loved one. The line “This one no be ashana” implies that the relationship is not casual or fleeting.

Repeat Chorus: The chorus is repeated, emphasizing the singer’s love, admiration, and the captivating impact of the love interest on their senses.


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