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Home » Ebuka Songs – “New Generation” Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

Ebuka Songs – “New Generation” Lyrics Meaning [EXPLAINED]

New Generation” by Ebuka Songs is a Christian gospel song that celebrates a new generation of individuals who love and follow Jesus.

Let’s break down the meaning of the lyrics:

The repeated phrase “When a new generation God is raising” sets the theme of the song, emphasizing the emergence of a fresh group of individuals devoted to their faith. The mention of “Fine boys wey love Jesus” and “Fine girls wey love Jesus” suggests that these individuals, both male and female, are not only devoted to their faith but are also admirable in their appearance and character.

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The lines expressing that the singer is “one of them” indicates personal affiliation with this new generation. The anointing of Jesus is referred to as something that has been set, emphasizing divine favor and empowerment.The lyrics emphasize that this anointing will not pass the singer by, highlighting a determination to embrace and benefit from the divine favor bestowed by Jesus.

The mention of causing revival and not disembarking until they see Jesus taking over reflects a commitment to spreading the message of Jesus and ushering in a spiritual awakening.

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The repeated affirmation that the singer is the solution to their generation and an answer to their nation suggests a sense of responsibility and purpose among the new generation.

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