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Tatiana Manaois – “Still Falling” Song Meaning [EXPLAINED]

“Still Falling” by Tatiana Manaois is a love song that expresses the enduring and growing nature of the singer’s affection for someone special.

It is a love song that celebrates the enduring and evolving nature of love. It explores the joy, wonder, and commitment that come with being in love with someone special. The repeated declaration of falling in love serves as a beautiful testament to the depth of the emotions conveyed in the song.

Here’s a breakdown of the meaning of the lyrics:

Verse 1: The singer expresses that despite the passage of time, they are still falling in love with the person. The lyrics suggest a sense of wonder and admiration for the qualities that continue to captivate them. The mention of wasting so many ways implies that the person’s actions are taking the singer’s breath away.

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Chorus: The chorus is a declaration of the ongoing process of falling in love. The singer is not only falling in love but is actively engaged in the experience. The repetition emphasizes the depth and constancy of this emotion.

Verse 2: The second verse highlights the singer’s devotion and commitment. The lyrics describe a sense of fulfillment and joy in finding the one they were made for. The presence of the special person in the singer’s life is beyond explanation, and it feels like discovering something precious.

Bridge: The bridge uses metaphors, comparing the feeling of finding love to discovering gold at the end of a rainbow. The singer expresses a willingness to go anywhere with the loved one, symbolizing a sense of adventure and a desire to share experiences together.

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Verse 3: The third verse reinforces the commitment to be by the loved one’s side through ups and downs. The mention of being there for the long run indicates a long-lasting commitment. Despite the passage of time, the singer feels that the journey of falling in love is not yet complete.

Outro: The outro repeats the theme of falling in love, emphasizing that this emotion is ongoing and continually deepening. The repetition of the chorus and the phrase “I’m still falling in love with you” underscores the enduring and evolving nature of the singer’s feelings.


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