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Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wife, Age

Pat Flynn is a well-known entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster, and author. After completing his architecture degree, Pat worked in the field for a short period. However, he faced challenges due to the economic downturn, which led him to explore alternative career paths.

  • Full Name: Patrick Flynn
  • Birthdate: December 6, 1982
  • Birthplace: California, United States
  • Education: Pat Flynn attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he completed a degree in Architecture.

Pat Flynn entered the online business world by creating a website called “Smart Passive Income” (SPI) in 2008. The platform was initially a way for him to share his experiences in creating passive income streams.

On SPI, Pat documented his experiments in generating passive income, sharing successes and failures. His transparency and authenticity resonated with audiences, making SPI a popular resource for aspiring online entrepreneurs.

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In 2010, Pat Flynn started the “Smart Passive Income Podcast,” where he interviewed successful entrepreneurs and shared insights on building passive income. The podcast became one of the top business podcasts and contributed significantly to Pat’s influence in the online business community.

He authored several books, including “Let Go” and “Will It Fly?”. These books delve into his personal journey, challenges faced, and lessons learned in the world of online entrepreneurship. Pat Flynn developed online courses, providing guidance on various aspects of online business, podcasting, and passive income strategies. His courses aimed to help others replicate his success.

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Adding public speaking to his side gig, he is a sought-after speaker and has presented at various conferences and events, sharing his expertise in online entrepreneurship, passive income, and podcasting.

Known for his ethical approach to affiliate marketing, he openly discusses his affiliate strategies and has built trust with his audience by recommending products and services he genuinely believes in.


Pat Flynn is married to April Flynn, and they have two children together. He values work-life balance and often emphasizes the importance of family in his content.

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