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DanTDM (Daniel Middleton) Biography & Everything You Should Know

DanTDM, whose real name is Daniel Middleton, is a popular British YouTuber, gamer, and author. Born on November 8, 1991, in Aldershot, England, he has gained immense popularity for his engaging and family-friendly content, primarily focused on the world of gaming.

Early Life

Daniel Middleton grew up in Aldershot and developed an early interest in gaming. He attended Northampton University, where he studied music production.

He launched his main YouTube channel, “TheDiamondMinecart” (now known as “DanTDM“), in 2012. His early content was centered around the popular game Minecraft, where he showcased mod reviews, Let’s Plays, and other Minecraft-related content.

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Over time, his channel expanded to include a variety of games beyond Minecraft. His energetic and entertaining style, along with a focus on family-friendly content, contributed to his rapid rise in popularity.

Additionally, in the gaming industry, another YouTube channel that is doing incredible well is The Slow Mo Guys by duo, Gavin Free & Dan Gruchy. Their channel has over 14 million active subscribers at the moment.


Daniel Middleton is married to Jemma Middleton, who is also involved in his YouTube content. The couple got married in 2013. They have a son named Asher, born in 2021. DanTDM expanded beyond the digital realm and ventured into live shows. He performed live tours, where he engaged with fans, played games, and shared his experiences. These shows were well-received and further solidified his connection with his audience.

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In addition to his online presence, Daniel is also an accomplished author. He has written books, including graphic novels and fiction, often inspired by his gaming adventures. He has been involved in charitable activities, contributing to various causes and encouraging his audience to support charitable organizations.

Success and Milestones:

  • DanTDM’s channel quickly became one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube.
  • In 2016, he won a Kids’ Choice Award for “UK Favorite Tipster.”
  • He has played various games on his channel, including Roblox, Fortnite, Among Us, and more.
  • Apart from gaming content, DanTDM has vlogged about his life, experiences, and adventures.

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