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Gavin Free & Dan Gruchy Biography (The Slow Mo Guys)

The Slow Mo Guys Youtube channel was created in 2010. Currently with over 14 million subscribers, the channel gained immense popularity for their captivating slow-motion videos, ranging from simple everyday occurrences to more elaborate and sometimes explosive experiments. They use high-speed cameras to capture footage at incredibly high frame rates, revealing details not visible to the naked eye.

Over the years, The Slow Mo Guys have collaborated with other YouTubers and even featured on various television shows. Their content has garnered millions of subscribers and views, making them one of the most recognized channels specializing in slow-motion videography.

Gavin Free

Gavin Free, born May 23rd, 1988 in Thame, Oxfordshire, England began his career working for the production company Rooster Teeth, where he contributed to the production of the popular web series “Red vs. Blue.” His background in slow-motion videography and editing skills played a significant role in the creation of The Slow Mo Guys.

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He is known for his on-screen presence and often takes part in various stunts and experiments featured on The Slow Mo Guys. His role involves planning and executing the slow-motion shots, as well as engaging with the audience.

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Dan Gruchy

Born on the 23rd of July, 1988 in England, Dan Gruchy joined forces with Gavin Free to create The Slow Mo Guys, contributing to the technical aspects of video production. Dan is often behind the scenes, working on the technical aspects of filming and editing. He is responsible for setting up the experiments and ensuring that they are captured effectively in slow motion.

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