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Cate Canning: Canadian Singer Biography, Net Worth & Age

Cate Canning (born May 5, 1998) is a 25 years old Canadian pop singer-songwriter from Abbotsford, British Columbia. She currently lives in London, England. Cate has become a rising star in the world of disco-infused pop.

Her musical journey began early, inspired by icons like Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, and the Disney character Hannah Montana. Transitioning from a music enthusiast to a full-fledged artist, she started performing at local gigs in her hometown, paving the way for her debut in 2019 with the emotionally charged ‘Sad Song.’

Since then, Cate has continued to captivate global audiences with her relatable songs, culminating in the release of her stellar debut album, ‘Tell Me Things You Won’t Take Back.’ Now, as she embarks on a new music era, Cate shares insights into her creative process, upcoming UK tour, and the making of her latest hit, ‘U Want Me.’

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Cate’s 2019 debut single, “Sad Song”, is a bittersweet break-up anthem. Her debut album, Tell Me Things You Won’t Take Back, is inspired by Dolly Parton and Hannah Montana. Cate’s other albums and singles include The Ruler and Love, the Madness, Rocket Science and so many others

In a recent interview with SPINDLE, Cate discusses the high-energy music video for ‘U Want Me,’ emphasizing the carefree vibe reminiscent of dancing with friends to break-up songs. Despite the retro 80s/disco sound of her recent releases, Cate draws inspiration from diverse sources, including Kacey Musgraves and Shania Twain.

Reflecting on her evolution as an artist since her debut single, Cate advises her younger self to embrace mistakes as they lead to great songs. With ‘U Want Me’ gaining traction, Cate promises more music this year, hinting at differences from her album but staying true to her storytelling style.

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As she prepares for a busy fall season with headline shows across the UK, Cate teases a whole new experience for fans, promising surprises and a show filled with excitement. In summary, Cate’s journey from a small town in Canada to the international music scene is marked by growth, diverse influences, and an unwavering commitment to delivering memorable performances.

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