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DJ Neptune & Khaid: “Gelato” [SPED UP]

DJ Neptune and Khaid presents the official speed up version of their brand new single “Gelato” for all lovers of good music.

Khaid’s unique vocal delivery remains a standout feature in this sped-up version. His ability to maintain clarity and expression at an increased pace showcases his versatility as an artist. The collaboration between DJ Neptune and Khaid not only maintains the essence of the original track but elevates it to new heights.

The instrumental for the “Gelato” track by DJ Neptune can also be found here for download.

This sped-up rendition is more than just a remix; it’s a testament to the artists’ creativity and willingness to push boundaries. Fans of ‘Gelato’ will find themselves immersed in an exhilarating experience, while those new to the song may discover a newfound appreciation for its lively spirit.

Listen, enjoy and download Khaid Gelato sped up version below.


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