I Got the Hook Up 2 movie and trailer download

I Got the Hook Up 2 movie and trailer download

I Got the Hook Up 2 movie and trailer is expected to hit the cinemas on the 12th of July 2019. After the success of the first original part of the movie in 1998 which featured Master P and comic AJ Johnson as two low-level criminals affectionately known as Black and Blue, the part 2 is here again after 20 years and this time it portrays the Black and Blue as restaurant owners.

The movie’s official language is in English with the country, United States of America (U.S.A). The synopsis genre of “I Got the Hook Up 2” is basically “Comedy” while still expressing gentrification, entrepreneurship and the importance of family.

Director: Corey Grant

I Got the Hook Up 2 – Credited Cast

Kj Smith     AS                                                                Lieutenant Moore

Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister   AS                 T-Lay

John Witherspoon John Witherspoon     AS                  Mr. Mimm


Clifton Powell Clifton Powell        AS                              Tony Smooth

Romeo Miller Romeo Miller AS                                       Johnny Miller

Jennifer Lee Jennifer Lee AS                                           Party People

Luenell Luenell AS                                                           Ms. Pam Dickerson

Farrah Laurel Abraham Farrah Laurel Abraham AS         Officer 2

Kyle Massey Kyle Massey  AS                                         Customer

Master P Master P    AS                                                   Black

Tanjareen Thomas Tanjareen Thomas    AS                      Bre

D.C. Young Fly D.C. Young Fly   AS                                  Spyda

Samuel Monroe Jr. Samuel Monroe Jr. AS                       Poncho

Tangie Ambrose Tangie Ambrose    AS                           Nasty Mouth Karla

Michael Blackson Michael Blackson  AS                           Officer Midnight

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Access “I Got the Hook Up 2″ official trailer here @ Igotthehookup2



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