Adire Ogun Online Photography Contest 2019

adire ogun online photography contest 2019

The Adire Ogun authentic photography online contest is here again this 2019 to take the adire tradition and culture awareness to the world.

Adire (Yoruba — tie and dye) textile is the indigo dyed cloth made in south western Nigeria by Yoruba women, using a variety of resist dye techniques.


Proving to the world that adire can be enjoyed and used to fit any style of fashion, is the talented and creative model, motivator and the C.E.O of ourfoundationinitiative, Emmanuel Abidakun.

He has a popular saying;

“When today is gone, what will tomorrow say about your yesterday”

He seeks your support in winning this contest.

kindly follow the link below to like the picture on Instagram.

let’s bring it home guys!!!


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